Audi at The Web Summit

One of the many uses for Lightwalkers are to target large events. With The Web Summit bringing in between 30,000 and 40,000 people from around the world, Audi used Lightwalkers to demand the attention of Web Summit attendees as they were leaving the event. 

With it's mobile capabilities we were able to not only target attendees as they were leaving the event, but follow the foot traffic onto Harcourt Street for the Night Summit events that were happening in conjunction with the conference. 

Passerbys took pictures and put them on social media, expanding the reach of the campaign and generating a conversation in a digital space. 

Take a look at the last two years in the two videos below:

Audi LightWalkers during The Web Summit 2015. We projected outside the Summit at the RDS as people were leaving for the evening and then took a route up to Harcourt Street to the Night Summit. 

Audi Lightwalkers at The Web Summit 2014. We generated a lot of attention for