MATRIX - connecting connecting consumers to OOH Media 


Our combined work with mobile platforms and smart bluetooth has us in an interesting place. 

Smart bluetooth and beacon technology allows us to create engaging consumer experiences.  We are working on a cloud platform that will allow us to control and alter the data transmitted by our beacons and smart bluetooth devices.  This is a  shift away from the former 'long hand' version of updating. This allows for real time changes to beacons so that your messages can be customisable anytime. 

Our aim is to create valuable consumer mobile experiences that are linked to the physical world elegantly and frictionlessly.

So why use an app when you have a browser! 

We are in the process of letting people know about our 'one use digital redemption voucher' product. ( of course which is app free)

We will post more details shortly. In the meantime if your curiosity gets the better of you get in contact and we will tell you more. 

The project below is one of our first IoT projects where we connected our I-SITE ( In pub and bar ) posters to pub go-ers mobile phones to provide them with a location based digital experience around the commemoration of Easter 1916 in Dublin.