Wifi and Broadband

WIFI INfrastructure for venues, Cafes and Bars for a digital world 

This is a digital world and more and more of what we do as company benefits from being able to provide high quality reliable broadband and WIFI. We've teamed up with Bit Buzz to offer this service to our clients.  In addition to offering great commercial grade wifi, the service we provide includes the bigger Bit Buzz network. This allows end users that are already a registered with Bit Buzz to not have to do so again, facilitating the ease of use across the entire network. 

From the perspective of business contracting the WIFI service,  we give you some great value added features in terms of effectively using your WIFI set up and also offer the potential of future marketing communications. 

We endeavour to remove the hassle out of the installation. We provide a commercial grade solution that can cater for in excess 65 simultaneous users. It is designed and built to stand up. 

How we work and what is involved?

We provide free installation and supply all equipment. There is a rental charge for the service with a 2 year contract.

Initially we undertake a site inspection to establish what is the correct set up and would let you know if additional cabling is required to deliver an effective and efficient service. 

We can set timed sessions for your users in time intervals broken down to 20, 30, 40 min sessions or 6 hours depending on your requirements. Additionally, we can set up a maximum of 5 staff accounts. These are management accounts that bypass limited sessions. A staff member could use the network indefinitely without having to restart a session. The overall service is designed to have between 50 - 80 simultaneous users and to be and running 24/7, 365 days. 

We can also set the broadband for internal use, where ports on the router can be used for things such as POS. 

Each month you will receive usage report. 

We can set up first page redirect, which means the user can be redirected to a specific online space. Facebook and Twitter can also be integrated. 

Should any issues arise, we provide 24x7 phone support. 

We ensure the service is compliant to all relevant internet legislation and protocols which includes Communications (retention of data) Act 2011 and Data Retention (EC Directive) Regulations 2009.

Where UPC Fibre is available there is currently no cost for broadband but where not,  we ask that you you provide a PSTN phone line ( so there would be an additional cost for this ). 

We envisage download speeds 10mb on fibre broadband and 8mb on DSL broadband. Both of which would be considered generally adequate but if not both can be upgraded. 

Also we offer additional features. These include;

Extra coverage boosters , with these we would install additional access points which would be cabled back to the main equipment and thereby pushing the signal to areas that only previously didn't receive or only had weak signal. 

Content filtering which is designed to prevent casual users from inadvertently accessing categories of content. It is important to note this is not a catch all solution. 

We also provide marketing data capture to be used developing relevant marketing messages for key groups. We would use a 3 point questionnaire users have to answer before that get online the first time such as gender, nationality and age range. Users will only see this once. 

Email capture where we use an opt-in screen that allows share the end users email address with you for marketing and communications. 

If you have specific requirements that we have not addressed please let us know. 

For pricing or if you work with us on i-site please contact us for more details.