We created LightWalkers as mobile light projection system. This innovation was designed to be a clean and effective way to light-project within the urban landscape. They are suitable to be used in crowded city streets and allow for good tactical communication with targeted audiences should that be around events or simply in the city at night.

Due to their design and mobility, we can use LightWalkers at multiple locations during a night maximising the footfall impressions. 

Combined with the latest digital technology it is possible to project live twitter walls, feeds, online spaces and video to city centre walls in real time. 

Here are a number of videos showing our LightWalkers in action; 


The innovative Hailo Cab Company wanted a way to showcase their mobile phone app to the good people of Dublin.

Absolut used LightWalkers to showcase various interpretations of their design artistry a number of times. 

Guinness Amplify used LightWalkers to bring messages from acts that were performing in Dublin.