C7 - Logic LQD

C7 - Bulmers

The Physical Web - mid-term work experience

It was great to have Brendan and Daragh to come a work with us for a week, to undertake a work experience project with us. Their challenge was to come up with idea as to how the Physical Web could be beneficial to thier school and set about designing and creating a prototype. Job well done. 

C6 - National Gallery - Beyond Caravaggio

C5 - Nova

C5 - Volkswagen

C5 - Smithwicks

C5 - Garda

C5 - Garda

C4 - Cork Airport

C3 - One Water

C26 - Rogue One - A Star Wars Story

C26 - Tia Maria, WKD, Disaronno

C25 - Carlsberg

C25 - Sony Music

C25 - Logic Pro.

C25 - Visa

C25 - Schweppes Tonic Water

C24 - Bank of Ireland 'My First'