Cycle 22 Campaigns: Alcohol, Cigarettes and Cinemas, Oh My!

Cycle 22 in our i-Site Network is packed with some diverse brands. We're showcasing several alcohol brands, a new e cigarette and a creative for a new cinema opening in Charlestown. 

E-Lites Curv is a new electronic cigarette being sold in Ireland. The new shape fits more naturally in your mouth, it has a lightweight design and a soft touch. They have also introduced a one click charging that charges your electric cigarette quickly without the need to dismantle it. 

While we placed these creatives throughout our network, we have sites in smoking areas that target regular smokers and social smokers. Alcohol and cigarettes have always gone hand in hand making our i-site network a perfect place to react their target audience. 


Guinness has released two beautiful new creatives for the Cork Jazz Festival. These creatives were placed around Cork ahead of the festival to generate a buzz.

Zaconey infuses the American Spirit into our i-Site Network influencing pub goers to try a Zaconey and Cola. Placing these drink posters near the bar and entrances captures the attention of the 67% of pub goers who have yet to choose what they will drink when they walk in. 


With 42% of pub goers going to the cinema every month versus only 10% of the general population, i-Sites is the perfect network to announce new films coming out, or a new cinema being built. Odeon has a new cinema opening in Charlestown. Click here to discover which films are being shown and to get directions to the new establishment. 


Keep an eye out on our blog for more campaigns, new venues and special projects we're working on. Contact us if you'd like to see your brand stand out in our in pub network.