I-SITE - CYCLE 19 - Carlsberg

Shakespeare @ The Abbey - Light Projections

Shakespeare turned 400 on Saturday. ( just in case you missed that) . The Abbey will be staging Othello from May 5th.

Over the weekend we projected the Bards words high onto the Dublin cityscape.  Safe to say that is probably something Richie didn't expect happening 350 years ago.  Projections looked great. Thank you to all those who came and talked to us and shared their stories. 

ADIFF LightWalkers

LightWalker Projections in a busy Dublin City at the weekend.

Cycle 25 Campaigns

Carlsberg has demonstrated a more festive spirit in it's cycle 25 campaign creatives. Our Lightboxs lit up the campaign in venues across our i-Site Network in strategic locations near the entrances, near the bar or in outdoor sections. 


December is a month where we traditionally see a huge uplift in activity throughout our network almost every single day of the week. Celebrations with friends, family and coworkers are bringing the less frequent pub goers out of their homes and to bars and pubs across Ireland. Capitalize on this busy time of year and have your brand seen by regular and occasional pub goers!

Cycle 24 Campaigns

There's a new thriller coming to theaters in Ireland on November 25th. Johnny Depp plays the role of James 'Whitey' Bulger, an Irish Mobster that works with the FBI to bring down the Italian Mafia. Their agreement let 'Whitey' get away with a lot of illegal business. Ultimately, this allowed him to grow to become one of the most feared and ruthless gangster Boston had ever seen.


Take a look at the trailer below;

Pubs are the perfect space to reach an audience that's in a good mood, interested and engaged to their surroundings. Pub goers love to be entertained, i-sites gives them something to talk about!

Cycle 23 Campaigns; Airbnb and Jameson Target Pub Goers

We have two very different and relevant campaigns in our i-Site network this cycle: Jameson and Airbnb.

Airbnb designed 7 location specific creatives to showcase throughout our i-Site network. The copy on each creative invites pub goers to earn money by sharing their Dublin, Ranelagh, Ringsend or Phibsboro home to the public in order to fund personal projects, hobbies and travel. The level of personalisation corresponding to the town the posters are displayed in adds a level of relevance to the audience. 

Take a look at the 7 Airbnb creatives below:


Jameson encourages pub goers to choose Jameson as their drink of choice. We've placed their creatives near bars, at the entrance of venues and in outdoor sections. Order it on the rocks or with ginger and lime. If that doesn't suit, get some inspiration on how to order it here.


We still have some i-Sites available in the coming cycles as the holidays approach. This is an extremely busy time of year in our network. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to get your brand in front of the 18-39 year old audience over the holidays! Contact us for more information. 

Cycle 22 Campaigns: Alcohol, Cigarettes and Cinemas, Oh My!

Cycle 22 in our i-Site Network is packed with some diverse brands. We're showcasing several alcohol brands, a new e cigarette and a creative for a new cinema opening in Charlestown. 

E-Lites Curv is a new electronic cigarette being sold in Ireland. The new shape fits more naturally in your mouth, it has a lightweight design and a soft touch. They have also introduced a one click charging that charges your electric cigarette quickly without the need to dismantle it. 

While we placed these creatives throughout our network, we have sites in smoking areas that target regular smokers and social smokers. Alcohol and cigarettes have always gone hand in hand making our i-site network a perfect place to react their target audience. 


Guinness has released two beautiful new creatives for the Cork Jazz Festival. These creatives were placed around Cork ahead of the festival to generate a buzz.

Zaconey infuses the American Spirit into our i-Site Network influencing pub goers to try a Zaconey and Cola. Placing these drink posters near the bar and entrances captures the attention of the 67% of pub goers who have yet to choose what they will drink when they walk in. 


With 42% of pub goers going to the cinema every month versus only 10% of the general population, i-Sites is the perfect network to announce new films coming out, or a new cinema being built. Odeon has a new cinema opening in Charlestown. Click here to discover which films are being shown and to get directions to the new establishment. 


Keep an eye out on our blog for more campaigns, new venues and special projects we're working on. Contact us if you'd like to see your brand stand out in our in pub network. 

A Snippet of Cycle 21 With 48, Powers and Smithwick's!

We've got 3 great wonderful companies in our i-Site media network this cycle; Powers, 48 and Smithwicks. 

48 is Ireland's youth mobile network. They are introducing two new mobile phone plans to help you 'Cheat at Life'. The highlight of their plans? Unlimited messaging with WhatsappClick here to check out what's on offer in more detail. 

They used i-Sites to target the younger crowds in venues such as The Palace, Karma Stone, D2, Coppers and The Pav. We reached them when they were relaxed, open to messages and having great discussions with their friends. 

Powers Whiskey chose a range of our venues to display their product to pub goers at a point in time where pub goers will be making their purchasing decisions. Our research found that 67% of people walking into a bar are undecided on what they would like to drink. Power's used our in pub media to reminded pub goers that they are a great option! 


Smithwick's knows how effective i-Sites can be for influencing that first drink and decided to retain their presence in the network for a 2nd cycle. Their Pale Ale might be new but there is 300 years of experience behind it! 


Our cycles are filling up quickly leading up to the holidays.  Contact us for more information on our sites, venues and cycle availability.