I-SITE NETWORK - delivering a social audience 

About The Media

Our network of A1 illuminated poster sites in bars, pubs and clubs. The network consists of 550 sites in Dublin, Cork and Galway. Our target audience is 18-39 year olds.

i-site is the largest and most prominent advertising format and permanent signage format available in this environment. It provides the opportunity to communicate with the audience in a social environment where the consumer is receptive. We position the i-sites in areas uncluttered with signage be that by the entrance, at the bar or at other areas of high footfall with the aim to ensure the advertising message stands out in lights.

Click here to visit our website dedicated to our i-site network.


  • It only takes convincing one pub goer, per site, per day to get a 150% ROI.
  • Sites are at the bar, at the entrance and in other high traffic locations to ultimately influence the first drink.
  • Have a strong presence at point of purchase.
  • Opportunity to target the publicans and the consumers.
  • Choose from a vast variety of venues sure to suit your brand's needs. 


  • Opportunity to speak to an audience that makes primary purchase decisions.
  • Largest and most prominent format available in an 18-39 year old environment.
  • Provides a stimulus for discussion and word of mouth recommendations.
  • Ability to bridge the gap between print and mobile technology and invites pub goers to engage with your brand. 

Take a look at some of our recent campaigns: