Alcohol Clients

The Health Research Board research released June 2014, revealed among other things that 72.6% of 18-24 year olds prefer to drink in bars, pubs and clubs. 

A case study performed in our network revealed an outstanding 900% return on investment for our client. With 67% of pub goers having yet to decide what they will drink when they enter the bar, we're liking your odds! 

Other Industries

We wanted to know more about the audience our network attracts. Our most recent study uncovered pub goers' social behavior, grocery shopping behavior, commuting behavior, digital lifestyle, and types of leisure activities they embellish in.

Here's a few interesting facts we've discovered:

  • 42% of typical pub goers go to the cinema every month compared to only 10% of the general population. 
  • 79% of pub goers read for pleasure weekly.
  • 87% of pub goers have a direct impact on purchase decisions of weekly groceries.
  • 72% of regular pub goers aged 18-39 use mobile prepay.