Audi Shines Bright at The Web Summit!

Audi caused quite the stir outside of The Web Summit and the Night Summit last night with a strategically placed light projection. As the 40,000 attendees were pouring out of the main doors in the evening we showcased Audi's Pitch competition in a location that demanded the attendee's attention. 

The attendees moved towards the Night Summit on Harcourt Street to have a few pints and network. We created a presence for Audi on several locations along the strip to remind them about Audi's PITCH competition and educate them on the process. If you're lucky enough to be one of the 2 winners you will be able to test the new driveless RS7 vehicles on a track just outside of Barcelona at full racing speed! After that incredible experience you'll be treated to a dinner hosted by Boris Meiners, the head of brand development and service design at Audi. 

Discussions were generated amongst groups of people passing by the projections, many stopped to take pictures with their mobiles and social conversation were started on Facebook and Twitter. We were happy to create a buzz around this fantastic Start-Up competition and use this simple guerrilla advertising to elevate Audi's presence at The Web Summit. 

Click here for more information on the PITCH competition or Audi products.