Planning 101 for Light Projections

As winter quickly approaches the evenings are getting darker earlier and earlier. While majority of us are dreading this, there are ways for brands to make the most of the darkness-- Light Projections!

We've detailed a few things below to get your started on your light projection planning. It's important that you take into consideration location, size and format. Ultimately these will be based on your audience and goals for the campaign. The darkness sets the perfect lighting for the mobile light projections, all you have to do is decide on the rest!

Location, Location, Location

Below are some examples of what to look for in terms of placement for projections. The best locations for light projections take into consideration;

1. Foot traffic

2. Public transport surrounding the wall

3. Time of day

4. Events happening in the area

5. Daily schedule of your target audience

6. Point of interest for your target audience

Here are some examples we've found around the city. Keep in mind some sites may require permissions and helps to be planned well ahead of time. 

Size and Format

Projections can be done on larger scales to fit enormous walls or buildings but can also be achieved on a smaller scales for extra mobility. The artwork can be a static image, a video with or without sound or a real time technology feed (think social media or mobile app). 

You're ultimate goal, the product and who you are targeting should be taken into consideration when selecting the above. 

Static vs Mobility

The mobility of the projectors used provides the opportunity to follow foot traffic, cover various areas of the city throughout an evening and be responsive to your audience's schedule. For example your brand might want to target the after work rush for a period of time and then move to a second location in order to target 18-39 year olds heading out for dinner and drinks. 

The static projections work well when you're looking to make a statement or targeting an event. Sports matches, large shows and cultural events are great targets for static projections. 

We've detailed the basics of projections above, if you'd like to know more or dive deeper into light projections we'd be happy to help!